Frequently Asked Questions

‘What type of creative work do you do?’

I specialize in acrylic on canvas and handlettered signage. I offer graphic design services including logo design, print materials, and digital graphics for websites and social media. I also do textile and sewing work, and simple alterations. Check out the services page for a complete list of offerings.

‘What type of social media work do you do?’

With access to your brand and assets, I create graphics to use on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

You may select an a la carte (priced per design) option or a monthly package of graphics, that correspond with your brand and also fit together for a curated, and cohesive aesthetic.

You can also add in engagement hours, where I will comment, like, and respond to relevant accounts to build your pages' engagement.

‘What is the difference between an Image Consultant and a Stylist?’

An image consultant is a professional who advises their clients on all aspects of their image, including clothing, grooming, etiquette, and body language. I help clients develop a personal style that is authentic and appropriate for their goals and lifestyle. On the other hand, as a stylist, I help clients create a specific look for a particular occasion or event. Stylists work with clients to select clothing, accessories, and makeup that fit the client's body type, skin tone, and personal style. I also offer advice on hair and grooming to complete the look. As a stylist, work is typically done on a project basis, such as for a photo shoot or event, but hiring me as your image consultant means we'll work on a more comprehensive and long-term basis to develop a your overall image and presence.

How can a Creative Virtual Assistant help me be more productive?’

A virtual assistant that specializes in creative services can make a you more productive by taking care of time-consuming and repetitive tasks such as administrative work, social media management, graphic design, and content creation, giving you the ability to focus on your core tasks and larger business goals.

‘I have a photoshoot coming up, how can you help?’ 

Before the shoot, I work with you on your wardrobe, props, and poses. During the shoot, I assist with poses, in particular, making sure the camera catches your best angle. I am a second set of eyes for your photographer, and will catch those little details such as a loose strand of hair, a visible bra strap, a hair tie on the wrist, and so much more that often prove to be tedious work after the shoot. Consider me your real-life photoshop!

‘I’m only looking for a few hours of help per month, can you help me?’

Absolutely! If you need help organizing your inbox or creating content this is a great option. Time is always tracked hourly and invoiced at the end of the month. See below for more details on billing and fees.

‘How many hours can I hire you for?’

At present, anywhere from one to ten hours per month. Subject to change, and pending availability.

‘How much do you charge for your services?’

At present, all work begins hourly at $45 CAD per hour.  Prices may vary depending on the scope of the project and the specific services required. I offer customized pricing based on your unique needs and budget. Additional costs may include deposits for materials, or rush fees where required. 

‘Do you offer packages if I need ongoing work?’ 

If you consistently need more than five hours a month, I will build a custom package for you based on your needs and a minimum time commitment, for example, a 6-month commitment of eight hours per month.

‘What is your billing process?’

Signed Agreements are required prior to commencement of any work. Unless otherwise stated, work is billed hourly and invoiced at the end of the month, and due upon receipt. Clients will agree to give advance notice of termination of services, and will be responsible for paying up any work completed prior to notice being given.

How do I get started?’

To get started, simply contact me through the contact page. We will discuss your project and provide a quote based on your specific needs and budget. I look forward to working with you!